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“We have been working with Elite Marketing for over a decade and we have found their creative services to be the best outsource graphics and copy firm in the industry. Many of the direct mail designs they have created on our behalf have been some of the most successful products we have mailed. We highly recommend their services to any company that is looking to maximize their ROI on the monies spent for Direct Mail offers.”

-Jack Anderson, President
NCA Direct

Direct Mail Results

Direct Mail

Our direct mail designs stand out and produce profitable results for our clients.

There is no substitute for experience. Designing dynamic, personalized direct mail pieces and targeting them to the right audience is our specialty. And, with hundreds-of-millions of mail pieces to draw experience from, we’re sure to give your direct marketing promotion the best chance for success.

We believe that direct marketing is as much an art, as it is a science. Creative design, a compelling incentive, provocative copy, and targeted lists are all integral components of a successful campaign. Miss any one component and you risk losing significant marketing dollars. Don’t take that chance by “doing it yourself” or choosing a company that can’t show you a track history of successful direct mailings. And don’t confuse “printing someone else’s offer” as experience. Use an expert in all facets of the process, use Elite Marketing.

Communicating effectively with your potential customer is not always easy. Our goal is to help you target and define your message, image or product; and then deliver that message to the right audience in the most cost effective way possible. We believe all campaigns should provide a profitable return on investment (ROI), and so we traditionally design our promotions to be measurable. Tracking results and reacting to them quickly saves you time and money, and can be the difference in success and failure of a promotion.

Call us today to schedule a consultation free of charge to you. We’ll help to you understand what is the best course of action to take in marketing your product or service. Should you choose to use our services, we promise to design for you the most cost-effective mail piece, and execute the mailing services to your target audience on time, and at the best price.


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