Incentive Benefits

“I want to reiterate that the benefit of incentives is to cost-effectively drive interest, leads and sales. They are also beneficial in persuading current customers looking to cancel a product in Customer Service to keep it, or to reward employees in your sales centers for doing well. And as your associates / clients are interested in producing cost effective sales, so are the fulfillment parties for these incentives / certificates that we are introducing to you. It’s a marriage that works well.”

-Bill Kilichowski, Elite Marketing

pictureDiscounted Companion Airfare Certificate


The Discounted Companion Airfare “two tickets for one low price” certificate entitles the recipient to purchase two adult round-trip, coach class airline tickets for one low price. The certificate is transferable prior to making reservations.
Directions: The recipient simply completes and mails in the Registration Form to receive their activated voucher with the Travel Agency’s Toll Free number. Upon activation, the recipient will refer to a zone map to select a departure city and a destination city to determine the average/suggested price for two coach class airline tickets. There are up to 110 U.S. cities available. Pricing will vary up or down depending on airline capacity, availability, and time of booking. See terms and conditions for complete details. Passengers are responsible for normal required taxes and fees for each ticket issued.



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