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ELITE TELEMEDICINE 24/7 is a patient-centric healthcare program that provides the convenience and savings of making a phone call or video conference via a convenient Mobile App instead of traveling to a clinic or doctor’s office for most non-emergency needs. In most cases, the doctor will be able to diagnose the member’s health problem, prescribe a treatment plan and even send a prescription to a nearby pharmacy when appropriate.

  • Access to a nationwide network of U.S. Board Certified Doctors 24/7.
  • Convenience of making a phone call or having a video conference instead of traveling to a crowded Clinic, Emergency Room or Doctor’s office.
  • No expensive walk-in clinic visits.
  • No expensive ER visits on nights or weekends, for non-emergencies.
  • No paying co-pays or meeting high deductibles.
  • Covers every family member in your household.
  • No waiting days or weeks for an appointment at your doctor’s office.
  • No missing work to take your child or yourself to the doctor’s office.
  • Our medical bill negotiators will advocate a lower price on your hospital bills.

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