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ELITE ID PROTECT detects the costly crimes of Identity Assumption and Synthetic Identity Theft, along with detecting financial fraud, medical fraud, employment fraud and false arrest. But, if a member does become a victim, it also helps manage the after effects with personalized Identity Restoration Assistance and a Million Dollar Insurance Policy.

  • IDENTITY RISK SCORE — We review billions of records to provide a real-time risk assessment score to help the member identify if they are currently a victim of identity theft.
  • IDENTITY MONITORING — Our proprietary system continuously monitors thousands of databases and billions of records looking for suspicious activity that would necessitate a personal alert phone call to the member.
  • IDENTITY RESTORATION SERVICE — A fully managed service that takes over the restoration process. We also offer a free 60-minute consultation with an attorney and a certified credit & financial counselor. $1,000,000
  • INSURANCE POLICY WITH NO DEDUCTIBLE — Covers lost wages up to $1,500 per week for up to 5 weeks, legal defense fees and unauthorized electronic fund transfers (must be an active member at time of theft).
  • PERSONAL SECURE CENTER — Allows members to build a profile, select a Username and Password, view their Risk Score, set up account activity alerts and access optional services such as our Child Protect and Lost Wallet Service.

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