The Evolution of Print
By Kelly Shank

Jan 12, 2021 ·   Marketing

Print has been an essential part of our development as a society and has been extremely important in spreading culture across the world. From its beginning with the creation of woodcut printing, to current digital printing processes, we have aimed to discover new and inventive ways to speed up the printing process.



What's the Difference Between RGB vs CMYK?

Nov 10, 2020 ·   Graphic Design Tips

Color modes determine how a photo will be represented on screen or in print. Depending on where and how the final result is displayed, one color mode is always better than the other. Color modes include RGB (millions of colors), CMYK (four-printed colors), Index mode (256 colors), Grayscale mode (256 grays) and Bitmap mode (2 colors). The two most common color modes for mixing color in graphic design are RGB and CMYK. As a quick reference...



Give Your Website a Boost with Pro Photography

Oct 22, 2020 ·   Website Design Tips

Many people don’t realize it, but images can make or break a website. Websites are first and foremost a visual representation of your business and overall brand. Having low-quality images or poorly taken photographs on your website can ruin the first impressions of your new viewers. Even worse...



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